mini course:
How to edit photos in 3 minutes, discover your own style, and make your shots visually stunning
mini course: 
How to edit photos in 3 minutes, discover your own style, and make your shots visually stunning
This program suits you if you'd like
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    to post beautiful shots on your professional or personal blog without spending a lot of time on editing
  • 02

    to learn fast, modern, stylish photo editing techniques using simple system and without purchasing paid apps
  • 03

    to save time by skipping in-depth photography learning for now and focus on mastering quick editing techniques that you can immediately apply
See how you'll learn to do it
Any smartphone will be suitable for the course
No need to purchase paid apps
You only need one evening to go through the course materials
Everyone walks their own path, but it's crucial who holds your hand along the way
My name is Olga Nazarkina, and I've been a professional photographer for over 15 years. I know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to independently learn even the things you love deeply. That's why it's important for me to turn my years of visual experience into a fast and effective system that you can implement in just a few days. My superpower is explaining even the most complex things in simple terms, and my special teaching methodology for adults helps convey important information through a very gentle and attentive approach.

I've delivered my own lectures at Nikon and Yandex, my school has graduated over 700 students, and I'm really looking forward to having you join us to create and inspire together!
what's inside
9 short yet comprehensive lessons with clear instructions in your personal dashboard
start immediately
access to the course for 3 months right after the purchase so you can review any material within this period
you have an option to ask questions on the platform if anything is unclear
List of lessons
  • introduction: how to tune yourself to find your own color

    We'll greet each other and discuss which color is the most correct and the best. Prepare for some surprises
  • how to set up your smartphone for correct editing

    You may know how to edit, but what's the point if you're working with an inaccurate image?
  • which sliders to adjust and buttons to press for beautiful picture

    We'll delve into all possible settings, so you can always find them, and use them effectively
  • how to speed up your editing process

    I will offer you a system of questions to help you understand how to edit a photograph effectively
  • what are the apps that will work for me

    I'll share my top apps and explain how everything works in them
  • filters and presets: how to use them

    Benefit or not? How to help yourself in editing with presets, and their advantages
  • how to achieve pure white color

    Pure white is a subject of envy for many! I'll teach you how to achieve it in just a couple of minutes
  • how to create your own beautiful color

    Tools for working with your perception to help understand your taste
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