— create a beautiful system based on a strong personal brand and turn your expertise into a product
In my work, I blend different methods to make promoting small businesses a breeze without breaking the bank. It's friendly marketing, focusing on who you are and connecting deeply with your audience. Together, we'll decompose your system and create a clear plan that sets the stage for your business to thrive and grow. Also I specialize in crafting online and educational products so businesses can rely on various formats, not just offline operations.
About me
My name is Olga Nazarkina, and I've been a professional photographer for over 15 years. At some point, I hit a financial and ideological ceiling in my quite successful business and started thinking about how I could expand both in terms of finances and my mission.

The answer for me was years of studying marketing and its fascinating possibilities, as well as a strong demand from my surroundings to share my knowledge. By creating my own educational products, I gained invaluable experience in packaging and promoting, which has now evolved into a fast and effective system that anyone can implement in their business.

I know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to reorganise your business strategy. My superpower is explaining even the most complex things in simple terms, and my special teaching methodology for adults helps convey important information through a very gentle and attentive approach.

I've delivered my own lectures at Nikon and Yandex, my school has graduated over 700 students, and I'm really looking forward to having you join us to create and inspire together!
  • My approach to each case and every client is strictly individual because even the most universal tools work much better when tailored to the specific person
  • I work at the junction of hard and soft skills: my goal is to identify strengths and enhance them using tools and motivation. For each case, I gather unique materials and select the appropriate format according to the individual
  • My systematic approach and experience in marketing research enable me to quickly formulate product or promotion hypotheses for specific businesses. This process not only focuses on earnings or scaling but also addresses the client's self-realization needs
  • With my extensive experience in organising online education, I'm well-versed in all systems from the inside out. I understand both the technical nuances and pedagogical aspects. I can assist in developing the most effective methodology and structure to ensure your clients are satisfied
  • I'm the person who can not only help create an online product but also explain how to successfully sell it. Together, we'll study the audience and delve into the art of selling through personal brand values
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